Paranoia Park (news update)

There’s a few things I need to cover in my blog:

Firstly, my next video will be a live version of “Paranoia Park” off of “Mosaic Melodies”, following up “Beaded Eyes” (link below). Working with Ben, Oli and James was awesome and the videos look great. The third video in the session, which is staying in storage for a while, will be Astronomy; it includes a neat little harmonica part. Some of you may of noticed the sessions are Skylark Records labelled, this is the label I will be releasing my album on.

A note on the album; originally my plan was to release the album on the 20th of June. For many reasons, it has been decided it is best to release the LP on the 1st of August. This gives me plenty of time to sort out PRS licensing, promotion etc and just generally eases a lot of pressures. As far as the physical album itself goes, the graphics are near enough complete and then we are ready to print. 

On the first of August, if any of you are in Camden (London) I will actually be gigging in front of a crowd of around 1000 people and flogging my CD’s, tis quite a scary thought but I’m also properly excited. Gigs have been spares recently, competing with the World Cup has not been easy. Performing with a new act “Field Sparrow” was a personal delight and I hope to gig with them again soon (link to their music below).

My website is also coming along greatly, if you haven’t already checked it out, you can download “Beaded Eyes” for free there @

Other than the above, all I can say is keep your eyes and ears open for updates, music, gigs & videos. And keep your fingers crossed for my release on the 1st. I need all the support I can get!




Beaded Eyes: 


Field Sparrow sound cloud:

& Ingrid of Field Sparrow

Super Sweet News (album update)


Super sweet news comes with the arrival of my new guitar (pictures later), my Martin DX1AE is ready to be picked up and I’m going up to Kay’s in Hanley today to get it! Excited doesn’t come close.

As for the album, the recording process is OFFICIALLY finished with a live recording of Emerald being completed yesterday (and a cheeky home recorded bonus track).

Album artwork and photography go down today with a photography shoot starting this afternoon.

Things are looking bright ahead, indeed they are. Now I must try to chill out as I upload my debut single (Beaded Eyes) to the BBC introducing and hope for the best. Hopefully you will see me on their page soon.






This weeks shows

Performances this week are quite common.

Hopefully, I will be starting this week at Blakey’s open mic tomorrow night (Tuesday the 13th) not guaranteed.

On Thursday the 15th I will be playing at The Rigger with a friend called Jordan Bates who is a talented singer/songwriter (see poster below).

Friday the 16th is battle of the bands at college/university, last year I won this (£100) so who knows what will happen this year.

On Saturday I’m playing a charity gig at the Castle Mona, with Jack from uni organising that one for me.


Cheers guys,





Today is the 1st of May. Tomorrow is the 2nd.

Today I’m releasing a new cover (as linked, click May-Day to go to the track)

On Saturday I will be busking the Lyme-Light festival at 12 oclock, then again on Monday at 13:30.

On Monday is the first official introduction to Mosaic Melodies, at the London Road tavern, with awesome support from James, Josh and Maya who all have more live experience than myself.

The night starts at 7pm, if you see the blackboard with my name on it, Garry from the pub put that together for us.

No Name – 1

I have a gig on the 5th of May (Bank Holiday) Introducing my debut album (Mosaic Melodies).

This will be at a local pub called The London Road Tavern.

I recorded a live version of “Where I get It From” by Elliott Smith in a stairwell yesterday, with an ipod microphone. I will be uploading this track raw, to my sound cloud (below).

In the mean time check out a song I wrote and performed two years ago ^^ No Name 1.
It’s about how people with disabilities may find life more difficult than others.


Gig at the London Road Tavern with Marc Williams and hopefully Maya too, 5th of May people. Put it in your diaries.

Here’s a cover which I can’t accept as being good enough, but a friend requested it. Here it is.

Click Gigs



My inspiration this weekend is flowing and I’m under no illusions as to where it has come from. Thursday was a cracking night out gigging and I can not appreciate enough the genuine compliments of friends and family plus friends of friends.

Friday night was a little different, as I ventured into a local pub. It’s incredible… How much something that may seem like a small thing to say, can really lift you. An old friend was telling me how much he liked one of my songs (love is a rose) and hearing his words created a new belief. It’s been a while since I released the track and as far as feedback goes I’d had little to none. It just goes to show if a song means something to you there’s always a chance it’s going to mean something to someone else. I’d been losing faith in the song and it was just so good to hear.

Yesterday I also had the pleasure of hearing another inspirational musicians album before it’s release. The musician I am talking about also happens to be my cousin. His album is out at 6pm today. The quality of music is of such a high standard and I feel he’s only just getting started. His writing just seems to get better and better, there’s a song I’m listening to now called Lulu off of the LP and I am so jealous. This is the kind of music I aim to write myself.

Please follow the link to hear his current single (something on your neck-ace tune) and check back later to download the album.