Gig at the London Road Tavern with Marc Williams and hopefully Maya too, 5th of May people. Put it in your diaries.

Here’s a cover which I can’t accept as being good enough, but a friend requested it. Here it is.

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My inspiration this weekend is flowing and I’m under no illusions as to where it has come from. Thursday was a cracking night out gigging and I can not appreciate enough the genuine compliments of friends and family plus friends of friends.

Friday night was a little different, as I ventured into a local pub. It’s incredible… How much something that may seem like a small thing to say, can really lift you. An old friend was telling me how much he liked one of my songs (love is a rose) and hearing his words created a new belief. It’s been a while since I released the track and as far as feedback goes I’d had little to none. It just goes to show if a song means something to you there’s always a chance it’s going to mean something to someone else. I’d been losing faith in the song and it was just so good to hear.

Yesterday I also had the pleasure of hearing another inspirational musicians album before it’s release. The musician I am talking about also happens to be my cousin. His album is out at 6pm today. The quality of music is of such a high standard and I feel he’s only just getting started. His writing just seems to get better and better, there’s a song I’m listening to now called Lulu off of the LP and I am so jealous. This is the kind of music I aim to write myself.

Please follow the link to hear his current single (something on your neck-ace tune) and check back later to download the album.



Why I AM releasing an E.P… (includes track list)

So my last post said something about not releasing an E.P…

Turns out I am. We are so so so close to finishing recording the L.P and it is sounding absolutely incredible. By the laws of the music industry it would be silly not to release an E.P first to help promote the future release of Mosaic Melodies.

Yes I am contradicting my last blog but blog blag blurgh, I want my debut to do as well as it can and 2015 is the start of a new year; The chances of sale in one year being higher the earlier you put the LP on sale!

I will be working with Sam (producer) again on a free four track to be released this summer, which will then hopefully allow me to tour briefly. My debut single (Beaded Eyes) will follow this four track and hopefully get some air time.

Anyway, here is the LP track list!

Mosaic Melody

Paranoia Park

Beaded Eyes

Climate Control

Beelzebub Bridge

Northern Waltz

Tyrannosaurus Hex



Stop, Start the Clock



There you have it. P.S any locals I’m playing The Old Brown Jug on the 27th of this month.












The radio and why I’m not releasing an E.P

Helloooo, here is a blog!

- BBC introducing played Because on their radio show on the 20th of this month just gone, (January), which is amazing news. I’ve sent in another song and I guess this time I will try harder not to miss it’s airing! If you haven’t already downloaded it for free, go and bloody do it here!!

- Some of you may of noticed there are some videos in the pipeline… It turns out there at least three videos coming your way, so keep your eyes peeled for those. I will be working with Hooch again who produced the video for “Emerald” and I’ll also be working with a script writer to produce a music video for my album release.

- About my album – So in the industry… “It’s good to release a four track E.P first to gain views/publicity/fans/ect ect”. It probably is more productive and efficient for me to release a couple of E.P’s before I go balls deep and release an album. However, the way I see it, there is no reason for me to do everything a particular way because everyone else does it a certain way. That defeats the fundamental object of art. I’m not like everyone else, I am me. The main reason, in all honesty, why I’m not releasing an E.P is because it’s just too short. I’ve written songs constantly since I was 14/15 and trying to narrow that catalog down to four songs is so impossible that I thought, f*ck it I’m just going to release an album. Because these songs are a portfolio, capturing a portion of my life lessons and experiences and without those songs along side each other, the art is incomplete and doesn’t make sense.

Succeeding for me is releasing this album. Making sales could also be argued as success, of course I’d love to sell 10,000 copies. But as soon as the music is in the store, in my mind I’ve succeeded, because success to me is happiness and happiness is for filling my dream. Which has always been to be a musician.

And to those who are interested, the album name is Mosaic Melodies.



Exciting times indeed


It’s been AGES since I blogged…

First off, recording my debut album is going incredibly. We’ve already put down the acoustic tracks for all ten songs (some of them have scary names, such as “Paranoid Park”!) and I can not wait to release it. I want to be in there everyday recording! We predict around March/April this bad boy will be ready for release! Even have an album title, but that is currently still secret.

Don’t be surprised to see my websites completely change either, pretty much everything is changing… Music will be for sale in the near future and I won’t be in control of the social networks.

In other news Love Is a Rose is now also available to download for free. As well as Because, which has done very well! I’ve had so many shares and compliments it’s unbelievable.

WooWoo was recently used in a vegan cooking program which was put together very nicely, that will also be appearing here soon for you all to see.

These are very exciting times for me, exciting times indeed….





From today onwards, the biggest week of my performance career starts. The main event being THIS SATURDAY IN NEWCASTLE TOWN CENTRE UP FROM RYMANS OPPOSITE THE RANDOM YELLOW NEWSAGENT. From 1-4 there will be 3 acts, with cat walks in between and other fashionable activities. This is all to celebrate the opening of the Castle College shop opening up on the corner.

I will be the final act at half 3-4, a half an hour set, all alone on stage. So please come and watch because frankly I am bricking it.

There’s going to be some new songs played, there are going to be electric AND acoustic guitars, plus the old harmonica’s might make an appearance.

TOMORROW I’l be heading down to Blakey’s Cafe Bar for the open mic, the wonderful Maya from Pocket Satellite will also be making her first appearance there. Come have a drink.

Thursday and Friday I have two 20 minute sets both days at University, so… Basically no smoking for me this week else my voice will be charcoal.

All in all I’m really buzzing for Saturday and want as many people as possible to come, so the videos will make me look like I’m actually a pro, then I can blag someone into paying me moneys for having fun.


Peace, C.

Massive updatesss 5th OF JULY

Lots of things to type here. First of all, I’ve been shite recently at updating things, because I’ve been hibernating/doing sod all since university finished. Chillin time basically.

The gig at the old brown jug with the band was a success, Cheg, Blakey and James nailed it. I think I nailed it too, punters were happy. I was in awe of Pocket Satellite, they stole the show in my opinion. We MUST ALL purchase their album when it is released. 

Speaking of albums, I have my track list for my own debut album sorted… There’s like, 14 songs which I’m going to start recording (today) and I’m going to release it summer 2014 or latest January 2015. Before those dates I will be releasing some free stuffs, starting with my debut single. 

On the 5th of July I’m going to be a cheeky begger and ask you all to share my posts on this day. I will be releasing Emerald for free download, just to try and promote spread my music a little further. But it’s really difficult without anything being shared, so.. I will be putting it on soundcloud for listening and temporary free download. Probably for a week or so. Then I’l be putting it on Itunes. I would put it onto Itunes for free but it’s not actually possible through there. 

Then not long after I will be producing my first E.P with 4 tracks, gonna have CD’s n all that to give away (some) and sell at gigs.

Speaking of giggggssss… I’m pretty sure were going to have a gig in Liverpool soon with Joe Robson and his band Johnny Panic & The Fever (will link music in at the end). Buzzing for that.

The Old Brown Jug have also mentioned there up for another gig, so I might try and organise an acoustic gig there, keep your eyes peeled. Other than these basically I will doing as much as I can but the majority of it will probably be arranged last minute (open mics). I’m hoping to get down to sheffield soon too, just depends when i can grab money.

So TODAY I start recording, like literally right now, I’m going to upload a cover which my friend has requested, it will ofc be available for download. I will be spamming it out for all this evening.


Peaceeeee C.